Business Resilience, Managed Backup and Security Services
  • Is your business at risk?

    The number of cyber attacks on small businesses has increased from 11 to 36% and 60% of them will close in 6 months.

    But there's safety in the cloud with Golden Technology Services.

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  • There's safety in the cloud

    Protect your precious data by hiding your entire infrastructure from thieves, attackers, and curious competitors.

  • Strength in Numbers.

    Our Golden Technology Partners increase efficiency and effectiveness and enable comprehensive strategy and solutions.

  • Cloud Computing

    Has your organization unlocked the potential of cloud computing to fuel business growth?

    GTS and IBM can help you design and build the perfect solution.

  • Security

    GTS Security services are designed to help you enhance your information security posture, lower your total cost of ownership and demonstrate compliance. GTS and our partners delivers the security expertise, tools, training and infrastructure you need to secure your information assets from Internet attacks 24/7/365, often at a fraction of the cost of others.

Golden Technology Services

GTS has a multi-location international presence to provide a wide range of consulting services, and partner solutions to unlock the potential of cloud computing.

Through the design and building of cloud, security, storage and business continuity solutions, GTS seeks to optimize an organization's technological return on investment.

Data Risk

Our CyberXtra Defense solutions will protect your data by making it invisible to those who wish to do it harm. Control your data's visibility with our IP based solutions, management and training.


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Cloud Services

The cloud revolution has begun. Is your organization harnessing the power of cloud computing to meet it business objectives? We help our clients with the design, creation, security and deployment of customized cloud solutions.

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Strategic Partners

There's strength in numbers. GTS utilizes its accomplished global partner ecosystem to create complete customized solutions for its vendors and clients.


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Business Continuity & Resiliency

We will help you identify, mitigate, and create contingency plans for any potential risks to your IT infrastructure. Resiliency, continuity and online business data backup are the vitals to your business's health.

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Security Services

GTS recognizes the need to treat "cybersecurity" as much more than simply "IT security." We teach our customers to have a holistic strategy - a comprehensive security framework that provides multiple layers of protection, encompasses leadership and coordina­tion from the top levels while empowering all employee levels. GTS can also provide the documentation, training, testing and certification to reduce cybersecurity exposures and liabilities to the many rules and regulations. When implemented there will be a corporate culture that fosters and reinforces mutual ownership and accountability at all levels of your organization.

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